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How many App users do you need to Be successful?

I get this question all the time: “Hey Armando… We’re coming to the point in development of our new app startup and we have no idea how many users we need to be successful. Can you help?” Building a web or mobile application can be time and cost expensive and it is not developed from […]

Does App Design Matter?

The user experience is something that you need to have at the top of your list in all aspects of your app development. You are competing in an increasingly active market place and you have just a few seconds to grab people’s attention and just a few more seconds to keep it. Design can make […]

10 of the Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Developing an APP

  App/Software Entrepreneurs sometimes do not think clearly when their idea is involved. So we asked a few of them what they thought the biggest mistakes they or other make and we put it into this infographic:                                                                  

Marketplace and SEO for App Sales

You can have the perfect app created and developed with ultimate precision but if no one knows about it, no one will buy it. You need to get your word out there in front of people. There are two routes to take and you need to take both of them. One is the search engines […]

App Branding – Brand your iPhone/Android App

Microsoft Windows 8.1 is a product because it meets a need. Because it is offers tangible goods as well as services, Microsoft Windows 8.1 has several components – it has a core product, an actual product, and an augmented product. The core product is the operating system that is essential for running a computer. The […]

Protect Your App – Legality and Code Protection

Think about Open Source applications and software. This is software that is, well, open source. The developers share it with everyone. This helps promote the notion that all software is free for anyone to use. It isn’t.You put your brain power and your expertise into creating your app. Perhaps you paid someone to create it […]

The Elements of Designing Your Application

As well as time in choosing the app, you will need time to program the app, develop a good user interface and develop the functionality. These elements need to work together. If there is a cumbersome aspect in any area, the overall app will be affected. Begin at the beginning and sketch out the design. […]

How to Market an App (iPhone and Android)

In the summer of 2007, I was working on Keyprowler and people kept telling me I was wasting my time. I was told constantly by my friend’s and relatives I was off base with this idea. Also listen to what they say when you reveal your idea to them. Their criticisms might be valid and […]

Outsourcing App Development

Whether you hire a company or outsource your work overseas, you need to be aware that there are pitfalls. Of course, the cost of hiring someone do to your work is often an obstacle. People think that the solution to this is to hire someone from a country where people work for very little money. […]