Does App Design Matter?

The user experience is something that you need to have at the top of your list in all aspects of your app development.

You are competing in an increasingly active market place and you have just a few seconds to grab people’s attention and just a few more seconds to keep it.

Design can make or break an app, plain and simple, so don’t skimp on this. You need a great icon, splash screens, tab icons, and dozens of other assets that need to be tied together.

Without a good user interface and functionality, your app will fail. These elements need to work together seamlessly. If there is a cumbersome aspect in any area, the overall app will be affected.

Begin at the beginning and sketch out the design. You can also use the design wireframe for iphone. This guides you through the potential and different views from the root view to the navigation view. Think about the end user and what he or she will see or want to see.

Whether you sketch it out on paper or with the wireframe design tool, think about the natural flow of the app and draw the map of this navigation. If you are having someone else create the app, this process is extremely valuable because it allows you to guide the process.

If you are doing your own programming, don’t skip steps thinking that because you are doing it yourself you will remember all these steps and features in the process of creating the app.

Speaking of the user experience, do not cut corners on the appearance of the app. Studies have shown the power of color in attracting buyers. Just because deep purple might be your favorite color, that does not mean that it is a good choice for attracting app users who are browsing the app store.