Marketplace and SEO for App Sales


You can have the perfect app created and developed with ultimate precision but if no one knows about it, no one will buy it. You need to get your word out there in front of people. There are two routes to take and you need to take both of them. One is the search engines and the other is the marketplaces.

Search Engines

The old methods of search engine optimization (SEO) have been criticized as being part of a marketing method that can be construed as too artificial. The big quest for the past few years has been to find a way to get the word out in a consistent and authentic manner.

The new approach involves a steady stream of your personality and brand in a realistic and down to earth manner. Your web site for instance should be thorough and informative and easy to navigate. And yet, it should not be too slick.

And it has to be search engine friendly. Even if the focus on SEO has changed, you need to have some familiarity with it. The fact is that the more your app’s name appears online, the easier it will be to find.

You need to have a functioning website that you keep up to date. If your app is floating around a marketplace and someone stumbles on it and wants to know more about it, and they go to your website and see that it is not working well or has lapsed, they will quickly lose interest in knowing anything about your app or you.

As well as your own website, get out there and spread the word. Get to know the top tech blogs and if they are willing to feature you or a guest post from you, then grab that opportunity.

If they won’t interview you or don’t accept guest posts, see if you can advertise on that site.

Use social media to get your web site and brand out there. It is best to take a couple of social media outlets and really work at keeping the information moving rather than sign up for dozens of the hundreds of social media sites and become overwhelmed.

I mentioned that my app was slow to start selling but the momentum picked up and then I was offered a satisfactory buy out for the whole idea.

Outsourcing works here too. If you are not into marketing yourself, you might want to hire someone to write posts and articles for you. You need to build a buzz about your app.

Have a plan in place and begin the buzz even before you publish your app. Find the sites where your target audience hang out and get your app in front of them with articles, posts, and interviews.

It takes seven sighting of a product before people remember it. Think of your ideal consumer and think of how to get your app in front of this person at least seven times.


The big app marketplaces are iTunes and Google Play. These are the big names but not the only names. However, the same rules apply. If you want your app to stand out in the marketplace, you need to apply some thought to it.

Here are some startling bits of information for you. Even in the big app stores such as those mentioned in the last paragraph, sixty percent of them never get downloaded. Yes, that is correct. More than half the apps in these gigantic marketplaces never get downloaded.

Two out of three apps get less than a thousand downloads a year. This brings me to something that you need to consider. The old saying is that Rome was not built in a day. So don’t think about your app as a get rich quick scheme.

You can easily publish your apps to such marketplaces. Start doing the research now so you get the feel for what these marketplaces consider applicable apps. For instance, Google Play limits the size of an app to 50 mb. You also need to know if your app will be free or priced. If it is priced, you can change it to free but then you cannot change it back to priced.

If your app starts out as free, you cannot change it to priced. However, you can create priced in-app products or subscriptions. It is best to know this before you create an app that is not suitable. In other words, do your homework on all levels.

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