Outsourcing App Development


Whether you hire a company or outsource your work overseas, you need to be aware that there are pitfalls. Of course, the cost of hiring someone do to your work is often an obstacle.

People think that the solution to this is to hire someone from a country where people work for very little money. Well, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. You are working with people from a different culture and it is possible that your communication may not be the best.

Sometimes their skill levels are not up to par. If you are working with someone you cannot deal with face-to-face, you run the risk of hiring someone who really does not have the expertise you need.

If you ask around for references you can mitigate this somewhat. Then you run into the next potential problem. The person might be overwhelmed with work and take too long to finish your job.

You have to be cautious in finding the sweet spot between the cost and the expertise and the time involved.

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