Protect Your App – Legality and Code Protection


Think about Open Source applications and software. This is software that is, well, open source. The developers share it with everyone. This helps promote the notion that all software is free for anyone to use.

It isn’t.You put your brain power and your expertise into creating your app. Perhaps you paid someone to create it for you. In that case, you put your money into creating your app.

It is your creation and your property. You need to make sure that people know this. One of the simplest ways is to copyright your software and include a copyright announcement on your app.

Protecting Your Investment: Code Protection

There is that fantasy that you can protect your code in clever ways such as using API calls in creative ways. The reality is that once you release your app, the idea is out there. Another software genius can reverse engineer it and discover what makes it tick.

It can even call for less of an effort. Your app can kick off an idea for a very similar app that someone can create simply by thinking of ways to make something just like it.

This brings you right back to the importance of registering your ownership of this idea. If you have registered your ownership, that is, copyrighted your work, you have the full force of the legal system behind you.

Sure someone can still steal your idea and your code but you can take them to court. The threat of being punished monetarily for stealing someone’s app creation is usually enough to scare off potential app thieves.

I’m talking about the big thieves who will steal your idea and try to make it their own. Be prepared with copyrighted apps so you can stop them legally. There are the other thieves of the smaller variety.

Protecting My Code

These are the people who provide cracked versions of your very own app. After a couple of years, I noticed that Keyprowler was showing up on Torrent and Warez sites - for free along with the key.

At first, I was scared I would lose sales. I worked hours and hours trying to stop this thievery but no matter how much I tried the software kept getting cracked.

Then I had an epiphany, which every app developer needs to keep in mind….anyone willing to spend hours cracking your software is not a customer. This means that the best solution is that if you have limited resources just disregard these Warez and Torrent crooks.

Sure put it basic safeguards but do not put in ridiculous schemes and registration procedures that could scare off real customers. Basic user keys is enough. Anyone that will buy your software is going to do it the right way, anyone that would steal it would never purchase it anyway.

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