The Elements of Designing Your Application

As well as time in choosing the app, you will need time to program the app, develop a good user interface and develop the functionality. These elements need to work together. If there is a cumbersome aspect in any area, the overall app will be affected.

Begin at the beginning and sketch out the design. You can also use the design wireframe for iphone. This guides you through the potential and different views from the root view to the navigation view. Think about the end user and what he or she will see or want to see.

Whether you sketch it out on paper or with the wireframe design tool, think about the natural flow of the app and draw the map of this navigation. If you are having someone else create the app, this process is extremely valuable because it allows you to guide the process.

If you are doing your own programming, don’t skip steps thinking that because you are doing it yourself you will remember all these steps and features in the process of creating the app.

Examine templates and even other apps to get ideas and see how the flow works. End users are used to a good functionality and if you try to be too creative and go too far from the navigation that they expect, your app might suffer because it does not respond to the expectations of the end user.