Microlumen Case Study

Intranet Manufacturing Management Application

In Early 2010, Our client, Brian LaBarbera, Systems Administration of Microlumen, came to us to update a dated Microsoft Access System. The old system was unreliable, difficult to use and could not accomidate multiple users.

MicroLumen, Inc. is the International leader in the manufacture of high performance medical tubing. Their primary material is Polyimide tubing. Polyimide is a thermoset plastic which provides excellent mechanical, thermal and chemical properties. Microlumen's tubing is manufactured with tighter tolerances than conventionally extruded plastic tubing.

What We Delivered

  • Web Interface Graphic Design
  • C#/MVC Based Web Application
  • AJAX Updating (No Postbacks, Asynchronous)
  • .Net Web application with Microsoft SQL Database backend
  • Custom ASP.net work-flow management system
  • Dynamically Generated PDF/CSV Reporting