Our Proprietary Process

Creative, Scalable, Agile Processes


In order to create the most accurate proposal possible we will work with you to create a full proposal at no charge. Once project discovery is complete
we will build and present a custom proposal. Our proposal will contain:

  • A high-level design

  • An accurate estimate of the work effort

  • A competitive bid to successfully complete the project

We use the Agile Methodology for all of our projects including documentation, requirements gathering and implementation. During this step we will meet with you and any other stake holders to define and document the project requirements.

Once we have completed the documentation phase we will schedule a second formal meeting to review our findings and to obtain sign-off.

Significant emphasis is placed on flexibility and scalability in the this phase. During the design phase of the project we will design and document a solution that not only follows industry best practices but also one that completely meets the requirements for your project.

You will receive:

  • Photoshop Mockup Concepts

  • Photoshop User Interface Mockups(If Required)

We use the most up-to-date programming a exceptional project. Quality and flexibility are two of the most important items to our clients.

Quality cannot be tested in place at the end of the development process; it starts with the first line of code. That’s why in addition to using the best-of-class development tools available our development process makes extensive use of unit testing and automated testing tools to ensure the quality of our solutions we deliver is second to none.

Flexibility is achieved by keeping in constant contact with you through-out this step. Our contact will consist both with status updates and regular delivery of functionality as it is completed. By delivering functionality throughout the development process, we are able to quickly adjust to your changing business.

After implementation, we will provide a 180 day warranty on all work, and will fix any errors free of charge, after the 180 days a comprehensive two-year support plan option will be offered on every project we build.